Megan Dorsey

Founder/Executive Director 

Megan is a free-spirited, art and antiques junkie from Chicago, Illinois. She graduated with B.A. in Art with a focus on Art History from University of Wisconsin, Parkside. Megan has interned at various establishments in the art industry including the Racine Art Museum and Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. She currently works at Dorsey Antiques, a family owned business where she does cataloging, research, staging, and marketing. With a love for art, community, and design, Megan has combined all of these passions and enthusiastically founded "What's Up Racine". Having traveled extensively around the US and Europe, Megan has had the opportunity witness firsthand the unique traits of booming cities - big and small. With a natural eye for design, both socially and aesthetically, Megan will use her talent to help facilitate growth in Racine, Wisconsin, a city she says is, "oozing with potential" but, "just needs the right team of forward thinking people to make it happen".


Brie Wright

Co-Founder/Marketing Director

While currently being a 24 year old college student pursuing a career in Marketing and Graphic Communications, I've been living in the Racine area for the past 17 years and been doing a lot of my growing up in this community. This time being a Racine county resident has shown me that there are many creative, brilliant ideas from Millennials that need their chance to shine! I want to see this area flourish through our generation and show surrounding areas that we DO have potential! We are hard working individuals and WE CAN make a positive impact on both our own age group and others in the city of Racine! I am so looking forward to being a creative aspect to the What's Up Racine page and to serve YOU - our local entrepreneurs, creators, professionals and anywhere in between - as a platform for what you think deserves to be heard.

Millennial Focused. You Are Not An Afterthought.